My luxurious dream house 

My luxurious dream house 

This piece of writing is about my dream house and what it is going to look like.  

First I would like my dream home to be in a lush field all to myself (with no neighbors) then it would be super peaceful. If someone gets any funny ideas they will get destroyed by my missile launchers and my security with military weapons.

 If you think that’s not enough MY SATELLITES WILL FIRE LASERS RIGHT UPON YOUR HEAD! but if you are a guest you are welcomed. Second, I want my house to have a modern vibe (futuristic). IT WOULD BE A MASSIVE HOUSE !. It would have 2 gaming rooms, 1 for Fortnite and 1 for Minecraft.

 It would have 17 bedrooms, bathrooms, and four swimming pools, 2 pools for the outside 2 pools for the inside (and one secret cave with a gymnasium). I would have 4 duplicates of my house in case of a nuclear explosion or a tsunami, including a nuclear BUNKER for all my security and myself. ByE

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