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Title Would you like Christmas every 8 hours!
Summary Did you know that there was this planet outside of the solar system called GJ 367b. It takes Earth 365 days to orbit the Sun but  GJ 367b orbits its son for 8 hours. So that would mean if you were to land on GJ 367b you will celebrate Christmas every 8 hours.
Rating, why? I find this article super interesting because I did not know there was even a planet called GJ 367b.
Title YouTube to stop using dislike button
Summary Youtube now hides the dislikes to viewers and this is because some people might dislike a certain video and they tell everyone else to dislike as well. Youtube calls it “dislike attack” and that is what is letting the youtube community down so that is why the bann dislikes.
Rating, why? I find this interesting because it is a massive change to youtube and the youtube community.

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