Goodwin’s holiday with the annoying

Once upon a time, this man called Mr. Goodwin was on his holiday break on the tropical island of Samoa. He was enjoying his holiday until he realized his holiday neighbors are Tik Tok freaks and they were being super annoying. One day they were doing a Tik Tok on his window and he had to shoo them like crows. The next day he was just sour and bummed, he mumbled  “worst holiday ever”, he had two more days to “enjoy” his holiday, but he had an idea so he went up to his neighbor’s door and knocked, they opened the door and Matt said “DO YOU GUYS LIKE TWITTER” they yelled “ NOOOOOO NOT TWITTER!” and left Samoa. He was exuberant to enjoy the last day of his holiday. That is the story of Matt Goodwin and the annoying neighbors.

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