Month: May 2022

The dawn of death

Let me tell you a story about the first blood of Darth Vader when he came and killed almost ten rebels, this is how it all went down. I and my fellow rebels were in an eerie, dark hallway. Suddenly, we heard heavy breathing … (HEAVY BREATHES) (HEAVY BREATHES) WE SAW A 6.9ft FIGURE IN THE DISTANCE “FIRE!”. IT WAS HIM DARTH VADER. WE KNEW THAT WE WOULD NEVER MESS WITH A SITH BUT WE HAD TO FIRE. HE KILLED 9/10 REBELS AND BECAUSE OF THAT, THIS TRIGGERED A RIVALRY WITH THE EMPIRE AND THE REBELS AND I WAS THE LAST SURVIVOR. That is the story of darth vader’s first blood.    



Shrek all about me

Hullo my name is Shrek and I live In a swamp and come from a land far far away. I am an Ogre with green skin with a whopping height of 8 feet tall. I have ears that stick out and also I am aggressive and very territorial about my swamp. He likes being alone and relaxes but scares people everyday. People hate the Ogre but they can’t withstand his mighty roar. I love mud baths, slugs, jelly on toast and love marintini. BY THE WAY GET OUT OF MA SWAMP. 

For Todays cybersmart lesson we learnt how to leave a good footprint online. We focused on describing Shrek in a good way.