Shrek all about me

Hullo my name is Shrek and I live In a swamp and come from a land far far away. I am an Ogre with green skin with a whopping height of 8 feet tall. I have ears that stick out and also I am aggressive and very territorial about my swamp. He likes being alone and relaxes but scares people everyday. People hate the Ogre but they can’t withstand his mighty roar. I love mud baths, slugs, jelly on toast and love marintini. BY THE WAY GET OUT OF MA SWAMP. 

For Todays cybersmart lesson we learnt how to leave a good footprint online. We focused on describing Shrek in a good way.

One thought on “Shrek all about me

  1. Dear Elijah

    This about me for Shrek was magnificent and also funny. These are all the correct things that make Shrek well Shrek. I also love the Ending where he says “BY THE WAY GET OUT OF MY SWAMP”

    Best Regards: Leonidas

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