Month: September 2022

My speech

Hello there, my name is Elijah, and today I will be chatting about THE DARK SIDE OF TIK TOK. Did you know that Tik Tok users go on Tiktok 40.4% of the day? That’s just outrageous. Dumb Tiktok’s include dangerous “life hacks” that may let little children [like myself do stupid stuff that may lead to injury or even death. But some are just stupid

Body shaming has been a big thing as people are changing their body shape through photoshop and even plastic surgery. It is something called “fat phobia”. Fat Phobia is when people use something called plastic surgery or photoshopping to make themselves look like they are someone else. In my opinion that is very very sad.

There has also been an accident where 82 kids died trying to do the Blackout Challenge. There has also been inappropriate stuff for little kids as for 12 and under should not watch. There have also been some reports of suicide due to cyberbullying. As I said before, people are being body shamed. And that is my speech on why you should watch out for the Dark side of  Tiktok.