Dawn Raid: Informational report

The Dawn Raids 

This text is about the sad event that happened and all started in 1974. The terrible event of the dawn raids. 


What is a Dawn Raid

In the 1970s the New Zealand police went to the houses of Pacific Islanders who  overstayed work permits. Many people were sent back to the Pacific Islands. These events would usually occur in dawn hence the name Dawn raids.

The effects it had on overstayers

This money-based downturn led to increased crime, unemployment and other social sicknesses, which (surprisingly more than you would expect) affected the Pacific Islander community.

The polynesian panthers

The Aotearoa NZ Polynesian Panther Party was given great ideas from the American Black Panthers. The party was formed in 1971 in response to (treating people badly or unfairly because of their race) and bad mistreatment experienced by Pacific peoples.

The apology

In April 2021, members of the Pasifika community called for an official apology, describing the dawn sudden attacks as “government-sanctioned (treating people badly or unfairly because of their race)”.


This information report is ultimately about The Dawn raids. Some information in this report is from google.

3 thoughts on “Dawn Raid: Informational report

  1. Hey elijah! Your doing great! i really love how this not only explains most of the information around the dawn raids but also in a short span unlike mine keep it up!

  2. Hey Elijah, Swaimah here! It is wonderful to see that you worked hard and gave it your absolute best for this task. Your ability to write about dawn raids is fantastic!
    It’s so sad that the Polynesian Panthers had to suffer with all the policies. The history of dawn raids is so traumatising. I loved how you added so much detail about dawn raids and how much information you added. I think next time you should add more pictures to your writing!I loved it! Keep it up!

    Thanks Swaimah

  3. Hey Elijah,

    You’re an amazing writer, I was able to understand every word of your writing and I now have a really good understanding of the dawn raids. This shows that you have worked really hard on your task so that your audience has the ability to learn about the dawn raids and acknowledge why it happened.

    And it’s outstanding all the detail and information you have added about the dawn raids. I loved how you added so much detail about it and how much information you added. It seems like you have been researching the dawn raids for a while now seeing how much you know and have shared about it.

    And I agree with you 100%, what happened from the years 1974 – 1976 is so sad and hurtful. The terrible event of the dawn raids. I really wished it would have been stopped sooner.

    In my opinion I think the dawn raids are really unfair, to be honest the terror was real and in your face. Racism was lawful, state-sanctioned and cherished in acts of Parliament; Sāmoan and Tongan communities, which were aimed by police for imprisonment and deportation under the rhetoric of “overstayer”. Do you think the dawn raids were uncalled for? And unfair to families and children growing up? I would love to hear back from you soon!

    Love Zaria <3

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