Thank you Synergy Health and KPMG

Dear KPMG and Synergy health

Me and my class thank you for taking us on trips and giving us these Pedometers. We thank you for taking care of us and giving us food. We hope you guys have a good day and if you are reading leave a comment, Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Thank you Synergy Health and KPMG

  1. Hello Elijah awesome blog post about your trip to KPMG

    What else have you learned about in KPMG.

    Sincerely Jabal 🙂

  2. Kia ora Elijah,

    This is a very kind and thoughtful comment towards KPMG and Synergy Health, It appears you have a grammar mistake at the end. I also recommend that you add some images to make the post more interesting, other then that your all set. THank you.


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