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Today I did a fun science task/ Maths task about this word “Solubility” this word means The maximum amount of a substance that will dissolve in a given amount of salt/sugar and this task very intersting and fun. My maximum we could reach was about 200 grams till the water was too blurry and filled to dissolve in the water. On the task shown we measured data of each time we inserted sugar into our cup. The cup was 100 ML of water which is a small amount for 200 grams of sugar inserted. I tasted the water and my mouth was fuming because of how sugary the drink was. In the end everyone was cleaning up and our cups were more of syrup than water. One more example of solubility is the word “Solution” meaning a way of getting through it, or a mixture of 2 or more substances.

Art works

Hello there my name is Elijah and today I will talk to you about my masterpiece about Mexico. I will compare the elements of art to that I used in  my masterpiece. First the element of SHAPE  to make some of my art 3d looking. 2nd the element that is used was colour (obviously) because the colour is what brings the art to LIFE. 3rd I also used shape to make sure that what I want to draw is on my piece of art. The 4th element was texture. I wanted to have some texture on my taco  so I did. 5th I used lines for every drawing on my piece of art. The last element was space, I needed spacing between parts of my art so there. That is all for now, thanks for watching.