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Elijah’s Research on a document called “Saving the world, One Swipe At A Time”

This research is about a document called “Saving the world, One Swipe At A Time” and it is about Technology that supports NZ kiwis.

This text will help us because we are designing are own inventions and learning about what the world really needs.

Benefits of a 20 – Minute city

Living in a 20-minute city is highly advantageous as it brings all essential services within easy reach. The convenience of having everything within a short distance promotes the use of healthy transportation options like biking and walking, leading to a reduction in carbon footprint and air pollution. The availability of green spaces also encourages an active lifestyle and promotes community connections, which ultimately leads to better health and well-being.

However, to ensure that the concept of the 20-minute city is truly successful and sustainable, it must be inclusive and cater to the needs of all members of society. It is crucial to consider the needs of vulnerable groups like the unemployed, low-income earners, single parents, youth, recent immigrants, and those with disabilities. This requires a balanced representation of diverse groups in the planning process.

In New Zealand, it is estimated that by 2038, 50% of the population will be classified as Māori, Pasifika, or Asian. Therefore, a hyper-locational approach must be considered to cater to the unique needs of these groups.

Overall, the 20-minute city is a promising concept that can lead to a healthier and more sustainable urban environment.