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Art works

Hello there my name is Elijah and today I will talk to you about my masterpiece about Mexico. I will compare the elements of art to that I used in  my masterpiece. First the element of SHAPE  to make some of my art 3d looking. 2nd the element that is used was colour (obviously) because the colour is what brings the art to LIFE. 3rd I also used shape to make sure that what I want to draw is on my piece of art. The 4th element was texture. I wanted to have some texture on my taco  so I did. 5th I used lines for every drawing on my piece of art. The last element was space, I needed spacing between parts of my art so there. That is all for now, thanks for watching. 

Shrek all about me

Hullo my name is Shrek and I live In a swamp and come from a land far far away. I am an Ogre with green skin with a whopping height of 8 feet tall. I have ears that stick out and also I am aggressive and very territorial about my swamp. He likes being alone and relaxes but scares people everyday. People hate the Ogre but they can’t withstand his mighty roar. I love mud baths, slugs, jelly on toast and love marintini. BY THE WAY GET OUT OF MA SWAMP. 

For Todays cybersmart lesson we learnt how to leave a good footprint online. We focused on describing Shrek in a good way.





It is always good to have a friend by your side and go wherever you go and it is always better to treat your friend respectfully. Your friend will follow you but there will always be challenges for you and your friend. Always hang out with your friends or friend’s  and take some time to take time with them.

Always understand your friend when he or she is going through challenges in their life.   


First: you have to pick the right friend or else the bad ones will give you bad influences so pick your friend wisely. Make sure that your friend is doing the right thing. you tell them off and if they do not listen to do the right thing your friendship will be in great jeopardy. As i said earlier they will have a bad influence on you and your life so if you know that your friend is doing something wrong don’t follow them. 


Second: You have to spend time with your friends or friends if you have nothing to do and if you stop hanging out with your friends or friend your  friendship will fade away and you will not be friends with them at all. Never and I mean never leave a friend hanging even though they did something bad to you or your other friends. You forgive them and still spend time with them. If you are going to make a new friend, take time to get to know them and to let them talk about themselves.


 Last of all: Belonging and understanding has a big impact on your relationship and it makes your friendship stronger. Your friend must feel belonged and feel safe around you. It is very important because you will gain your friends’ trust. Understand your friend when they are going through a hard time in their lives and REMEMBER ALWAYS BE A GOOD FRIEND.